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Outsourced expertise through fractional leadership

Outgrow your ceiling and scale with minimal risk using fractional leadership from logicpunch.


Take your concept from idea to reality. Get help with web design, e-commerce deployment, & tech stack optimization.


Financial oversight. HR. Project management. Peace of mind. Let our experience complement your expertise.


Partnering with you from concept to implementation to manage the areas of your business you can’t be bothered with.


As early as the first discovery meeting, your fractional leader will begin adding value.  Our leaders integrate effectively with your team; like having keys to a suite of experts at your immediate disposal. 



What makes fractional leadership such a compelling option is that you get all of the skills and experience needed to successfully grow the business; strategy, sales, marketing, finance, operations, etc.  In most cases, you’d typically need to hire an FTE for each of those areas of expertise needed.  Variablize your cost and be more strategically agile instead.  


Fast Ramp:

A traditional new hire usually needs time intensive training or mentorship when they first begin working.  It can take months for an employee to become effective.  Your fractional leader walks in the door with the skills needed to coach and mentor your team to perform at the top of the job description.


External Perspective:

While we integrate with your team, we still bring in an external view.  We can ask the tough questions and begin to create a culture that will innovate and hold each other accountable.  



We help you build a solid infrastructure to prepare you for your next phase of growth.  Your fractional leader ensures that your team creates and uses the systems and structures needed today, with an eye on tomorrow.  We are used to keeping our eyes above the horizon to watch for what’s coming next.